A Babysitter for Me

Douglas and TR are coming to look after me during W’s absence. He is going to a big reunion on the East Coast with his grandchildren–all college bound. They will be in Bahamas for this shin-dig. I will stay home and occupy the farmhouse. But not by myself. W is very uncomfortable leaving me here… Continue reading A Babysitter for Me

Less is More, (more or less.)

—by William Hughes Mearns, one of my favorite little poems: Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there! He wasn’t there again today, Oh how I wish he’d go away!”

The Snow Show

Snow falling and night falling fast, oh, fastIn a field I looked into going past,And the ground almost covered smooth in snow,But a few weeds and stubble showing last. selection from Robert Frost poetry Yesterday we had a notable snow, here on the high prairie in NE NM.We had been away overnight for business and… Continue reading The Snow Show

March 2021

What happens next? The headlines show almost hysterical activities, this March 2021. New President, for one. Covid-19 is in the news, of course, and has been for a good year, and will be for a good part of the future. Republicans and Democrats struggling with their divisions, both with each other, and inside each party… Continue reading March 2021


slideshow gallery of miscellaneous paintings and other works by Susan G Holland — all images copyright SGHolland 2020 Here is a slide show (use arrows to change image) of different sorts of art that I have made over the year: oil painting, watercolor and now and then acrylic paintings, and mixtures thereof. Ink, water, gouache,… Continue reading ART SLIDESHOW–SGHOLLAND WORK, MISC.

Truth examined by a non-astigmatic eye…

Sometime a year or so ago I decided to do a literal self-portrait study. This is who I saw in the mirror that day. Don’t be shocked. But this is apparently one of the faces I make while painting! Why does an artist do a self-portrait? I cannot speak for other artists, but when I… Continue reading Truth examined by a non-astigmatic eye…

“My” Flicker Update: No longer lives here! as of 3/7/21. Moved on, it seems…

February 11 2021 I’ve been watching “my” flicker for months now. I’ve hoped a mate will turn up for him/her. This ground-feeding/ hole-drilling bird seems alone. Not necessarily lonely, but I don’t really know how a lonely flicker looks, after all! I did see this bird trying out the adobe sides of the porch earlier… Continue reading “My” Flicker Update: No longer lives here! as of 3/7/21. Moved on, it seems…